At TCA, we recognise that it's hard to stay motivated with your workouts during these winter months.  That's why we give you heaps of options to change it up and to keep you motivated with something new and different.  Whether you need a new personal workout program from our dedicated instructors, or whether you need to be with a group of like-minded people in one of our Group Training classes, we know that we've got all the building blocks to inspire you towards the new you.


We're continuing the refresh of our gym environments, with the painting & equipment resurfacing program continuing at the main gym, and the refurbishment of the GTC taking place following the floods in early June 2014.  We're back at the GTC now, and it's looking absolutely fantastic!  There has never been a better time to sieze the opportunity to try something new & different in our range of group training options.


Remember, TCA is all about fantastic exercise options, right here in your Community.  Whether it be awesome group training classes, self-managed workouts, physical assessments, or dedicated personal training, we have the complete suite of services to deliver the results you want.  And, we're proud to say we do it all at fantastic prices.  So come in and see us now, and let's keep your workout goals on track, ready to go for summer!


We can't wait to meet you!


Ant & Arna